PRO COLOR for soap and cosmetics


Colour: Orange

Composition: Glycerin, propylene glycol, water, sorbitol, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium stearate, stearic acid, dyes (CI 11680, CI 12490).

Appointment: For soap and cosmetics

Condition: Pasta

Weight: 100 g

For what

For what

PRO Color is an innovative Russian cosmetic dyes for
coloring soap and handmade cosmetics. Pro
color dyes are developed by Russian technologists of the company Inventors (LLC
"Inventors, Kursk region, Zheleznogorsk).
Dyes "PRO Color "
1. do not cloud the transparent soap base,
2. do not migrate,
3. dissolve well in the melted soap mass,
4. give handmade soap a beautiful and even color.


Even children can work with PRO Color dyes. The technology of coloring
is extremely simple and clear. You don't need to measure them in grams, centimeters,
pre-cut or heat, mix in glycerin or rub with
oil. All you need is to get a pea of PRO Color dye and stir
it in the melted soap base. If you want to make the shade
of handmade soap richer, then just add a little more dye to the
melted soap base. After the handmade soap solidifies, you
will get a perfect transparent and even color that will not fade and will not
migrate with time. Therefore, you can be sure of the quality of your
handmade soap.

The PRO Color dye has a paste-like structure, it is due to the high
concentration of the dye. It is very convenient to work with paste-like dye.
It will not leak out of the tube, will not spill on the table and will not stain your hands.
To obtain a very saturated shade while maintaining full
transparency of the soap base, the maximum recommended amount: 2-4
g of PRO Color dye per 100 g of soap base.

Pro color dye is made in Russia. That is why it has
an optimal price-quality ratio.
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