COLORUS for candles


Colour: Red

Composition: caprylic/capric triglycerides, dye (CI 26100, CI 47000)

Appointment: For candles

Condition: Liquid

Weight: 100 g

For what

For what

COLORUS fat-soluble dye for candles
The dye is designed for coloring candles and is suitable for all types
of candle masses: paraffin, stearin, candle gel and oil, natural waxes, etc.
In transparent candle masses , it gives a saturated bright color.
In opaque opaque masses, it gives delicate pastel shades.


up to 2% (up to 2 g per 100 g of candle mass)

All dyes of the "COLORUS for candles" line they can be mixed with each
other in any ratio to obtain the desired shade.


Store at a temperature of at least 5 ° C. Do not freeze. Avoid
direct sunlight. During freezing, a small
precipitate of dye may appear, which can be dissolved by careful heating to
60 ° C and continuous stirring.
COLORUS is a registered trademark.
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