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About the company

Inventors in numbers
We are Inventors, a large factory for the production of handmade soap and cosmetics
On working days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
range of products for hobbies, produced by one company, in the territory of the Russian Federation
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services for the development and production of a wide range of goods for creativity, hobbies and needlework
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Production Conformity Quality Management System
ISO 9001-2011 and GOST
masters of a narrow specialization in a team with many years of experience
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Company history

Inventors  is a company that has been creating bases for cosmetics and ingredients for handmade soap since 2008.
During the company’s existence, products and services have been produced under other brands of Hobby Groups, Activ Soap and Premium Cosmet. But in 2019, the company carried out a large-scale rebranding and combined all products under one name.

Now the company Inventors specializes in the production of cosmetic bases for the craft production of handmade cosmetics. But "craft" is not always small. This is about manual labor and the special purpose of the product. We know how to make the life of a cosmetics manufacturer easier and are ready to take on all the dirty and difficult work.
In addition, our soap base, fragrance, base cosmetics, shapes, colors and other products can be found in retail networks, the marketplace and in our retail stores. Why?

The world has changed a lot and "thinking girls are increasingly delving into"the compositions of funds, "bringing" them "to mind" with the help of additives. So why not use a ready-made database and add everything you want to it? Now it’s possible. Your soap can smell the way you want it to. The shampoo will contain those extracts that are suitable for your hair. And the base for the scrub can become a unique elixir for your skin. Any girl, at any moment, can make exactly the cosmetics that will bring her beauty and health.

Of course, not everyone wants to interfere with the compositions in the kitchen, but you see your brand of cosmetics in your dreams. And we can do that too. We can develop a shampoo, soap, cream or scrub for you. Pack them in a beautiful jar and stick a label of any complexity exactly. Voila! Your brand of cosmetics can enter marketplaces and conquer cities.
The release of the database takes up most of the time in the production process. The selection of raw materials, the purchase of complex and rare ingredients, quality control, constant production control — these processes require experience, narrow specialists and huge costs. A small soap factory from a small town cannot afford such investments. We do this work ourselves, and a small soap factory receives a high-quality soap base and cooks handmade soap from it. But to help with the soap base, we can supply dyes, perfumes, molds and even packaging. All of this we develop, manufacture and transfer to your reliable hands on our own!
And we also have our finished products! In the line you can find bath salts, body scrubs, handmade soap and much more.

All this is made by our hands for your hands!

Compliance with quality standards

ISO 9001-2011 and GOST
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Our partners

We cooperate with some of the most famous companies in Russia. In this list can be you!